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Dragon gijinka
Some people draw these as more hybrids, but I went with a very human one. 
Poshs OC
Another art contest submission! Included a protective kitty because I had no idea what to draw with this six legged creature
Magic practice
On a maybe not so informed subject. Do not belong to me! I'm drawing someone else's OCs for an art contest.
Desert Cave dwelling
I started making a text and choice based game with a friend. We haven't progressed that far through it, but this is one of the later stages that you can get to. A secluded village build into the rock cliffs only accessible by crossing a desert with monsters. You find a very important object there, and can befriend the people living there. They also give you clues for a quest. But enough about that. 
Formal guards
I have no idea what to call this. Nerina (girl on left, pale hair) is the calmer, collected, more serious guard. Thalia (dark hair, right) is a bit more reckless, and cheerful. She puts her effort into more physical training such as swordsmanship while her sister favors magic. This is a formal event, so neither were allowed to wear their armor or carry weapons. As guards, this doesn't exactly make them happy. 
Okay, sooner or later, I will actually upload some stuff from my travels other than food. 
In addition to photos, I will also be uploading short stories about some of my OCs. One I'm working on now is about a rebellious teen who has a penchant for getting into trouble. Mostly with police.
i will upload a drawing of her, when I actually finish her outfit designs. I have her day/casual one, but her night/trouble persona is slightly harder to draw. This mostly comes from my mind over complicating small aspects of the overall design. 
Well, anyways, I'll upload at least one thing other than this journal tonight. It'll be from Japan.


United States


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